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Why should you get your child's feet professionally measured?

Thursday, 28 March 2019

We get it, measuring your child's foot can be a daunting task! If they're not wriggling around like a caterpillar they are probably not best pleased about having their feet touched and want to make it known (by screaming the place down).

We often see stressed mothers coming into our shop who have tried to measure their kids' feet with DIY measuring tools. So why should you invest in  professional measurement? Although this is certainly an option, at Happy Feet Boutique we like to make measuring a fun process for all involved! Using our professional measuring guides we will expertly measure your child's foot and they will then have the excitement of picking out a shoe from the colourful display in our shop! Meanwhile as a parent, you can sit back and relax knowing our team will ensure you pick out the perfect shoe for healthy foot development for your child. 

We are also proud to carry many of the shoes in sizes from pre-walker, through to toddler and up to child size 36, so that if your little one wants the same shoe as their older brother or sister or vice versa, no tears will be shed!

So, why should you invest in getting your child's foot measured professionally?

It's incredibly important to get your child's foot development right from an early age. If not they could develop a range of health issues such as hammer toe, knee problems or posture problems in later life. Childrens' foot bones can take up to 18 years to fully develop into adult feet, which means older children's feet are just as important as babies!

At Happy Feet we are highly particular about the brands we choose to stock, so you can rest assured that any shoe you buy from us will not only be measured to fit your child's foot, but will also be made of the highest quality materials. We also try to source fashionable shoes to give a balance of both healthy foot development and style.

Looking for your child's next pair of shoes? Browse our range.

Visit our shop in Lindfield, West Sussex to get your child's foot professionally measured today!








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