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What shoes should I choose for my child?

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Has your little one just started toddling, or are you trying to deal with an olympic athlete in your living room? We know the feeling!

We see so many parents in our shop who are suddenly struggling to keep their child from charging round the house and garden, and find themselves in need of shoes to help them protect their feet!

But which shoes are the best option for your child? There are a number of factors to consider, including the materials the shoe is made from, whether it can be worn with socks and, most importantly, the way it fits your child foot.

According to the society of shoe fitters:

“The type of shoes you choose for an infant should be designed around the shape of the feet (slim at the heel and wide at the forepart). This is because an infants foot is reasonably triangular in shape and consists mostly of gristle and cartilage. They should be firm and snug at the heel to cradle the foot and yet flexible at the front with an adjustable fastening.”

Ensuring your child has well-fitting shoes will mean that their feet develop safely and will avoid them experiencing issues with their feet, posture and much more in later life!

Follow this easy 4-step process to choose the best shoes for your child:

  1. Decide which type of shoes will best suit your child’s needs (e.g. soft indoor shoes, hard outdoor shoes, sandals)

  2. Take your child to be measured professionally by a trained shoe fitter to ensure correct size and width  (they can also advise you on the best brands to choose)

  3. Select your shoe and check that your child is comfortable walking in it

  4. Watch your child run freely and with abandon in their brand new shoes!

At Happy Feet, our staff are fully qualified shoe fitters and do regular fitting courses to ensure they can offer customers the most up to date advice and knowledge about getting the best fitting shoes. We also carefully pick the brands we offer to ensure you’re getting the highest quality shoes for your little ones!

Get in touch or pop into our store in Lindfield, West Sussex any time to get professionally fitted.


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