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The best ways to measure your child’s feet

Friday, 20 September 2019  |  Admin

Knowing the exact shoe size that your child should be wearing is crucial to the healthy development of not only their feet but posture and mobility too. That said, we know that having the little ones sitting still long enough to endure a measuring is a rarity, making it easy for parents to avoid at all costs!

There are plenty of ways in which you can properly measure your children’s feet to suit you and your little one. From professional measuring in-store to knowing how to do it correctly from the comfort of your own home, this blog is here to help!

How important is it really?

We may be sounding biased here, but VERY! Toddlers feet grow on average up to two sizes a year until the age of four. Imagine wearing a pair of shoes two sizes too small for you - it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable! More importantly, wearing the wrong style and size of shoe as a child is proven to have a large influence over future foot problems, posture, and issues in mobility.

Knowing the size of your little one’s feet will mean that a professional shoe fitter will be able to advise you on the best style of shoe and keep your child as comfortable and healthy as they can be!

How often should you have your child’s feet measured?

Most professionals would suggest that you have your little ones measured once every six to eight weeks. That may sound frequent, but the rate that young children’s feet grow at means that any longer and your child could be a whole size bigger!

At the age of four the growth rate tends to slow down to around one size every year. At that point, you’ll be okay with measuring them once every 3 or so months.

How and where can I get my child’s feet professionally measured?

We would always recommend having your little one’s feet measured professionally where possible. Having access to higher quality apparatus will mean a more accurate measurement, as well as advice on what style of shoe would fit best.

If you come to visit us in our Lindfield store, we will be more than happy to do it free of charge! Click here to see us on the map.

How can I measure my child’s feet myself?

Whilst we would say having their feet measured by a professional is the best option, we understand that coming into store sometimes just isn’t an option. You can often find fitting guides online, but we would suggest steering clear of them as they tend to differ in accuracy.

There are options to purchase measuring gauges online, which we would advise using if you couldn’t visit us in-store.

Whilst not as accurate (or free) as what a professional service can provide, having some form of regular measurement is certainly better than nothing!

At Happy Feet Boutique we would say that these are the main factors to consider when looking to get your little one measured, whether it be in-store or at home.

If you have any questions about the measuring process, or you’d like to book a time to come and see us in our store, please call us on - 01444 487744 - or click here.

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