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The back to school checklist

Friday, 23 August 2019  |  Admin

Whether your summer holidays were calm and relaxing, or all a bit frantic, we’re sure we can all agree that the time off has flown by!

As a parent, the end of the summer holidays only means one thing - the start of the back to school rush. We know how daunting the new term preparations can be, so we’ve broken down a short list of things we think are super important to have ready in time for their first day back!

Some may be obvious, and some of them might have completely passed you by. Consider this blog a mini-checklist, if you like...


  1. The uniforms. For those parents who don’t have the luxury of passing on the older siblings’ hand-me-downs, this is one of the larger back to school tasks. This is one of the first things to organise in the summer. Get it out of sight and out of mind as soon as you can, that’s what we say! (fingers crossed there’s no growth spurts any time soon!).


  1. The stationary. What child doesn’t love a brand-new pencil case full of fun and new bits and bobs?! Although new stationary isn’t a necessity, making your own pencil case can be a fun distraction from the back to school rush! Your little ones can decorate it however they like, and it can be much more cost effective than simply buying one. Click here for our favourite pencil case making tutorials!


  1. The lunch boxes. We are taking a similar approach to this as we did for the stationary. We know how children tend to change their favourite superhero or TV programme by the week, meaning they no longer like that brand new Marvel lunch box you bought them! Instead, how about buying a plain sandwich box and letting them decorate it themselves? You can use markers and stickers, and if they do change their mind, just pop some new stickers onto it!


  1. The PE kits. Only seen a couple of times a year and, for some reason, the thing that tends to get lost the most. Nevertheless, having your child prepped with a sports kit for the first day of term is a must! If they’ve grown out of last years’ trainers then how about taking a look at our latest sports shoes here? We stock trainers for boys and girls’ trainers of all sizes, and even have free delivery if you don’t have time to pop in to see us!


  1. The shoes. Lastly and most importantly, (perhaps we’re a little biased) the new school shoes! Dealing with sudden growth spurts throughout the year can be a pain but making sure your little one has a pair of shoes that support and aid the development of their feet throughout the year is really important. Having your child’s feet professionally measured reduces the chance of having to buy a new pair quite as soon, particularly when kitting them out with our high quality back to school range. Take a look at our wide selection of boys and girls school shoes by clicking here.


So, there you go. No doubt some of it you will have prepped for the new term long ago, but hopefully we’ve suggested some tips that will make your standard back to school rush a little less stressful than it might have been!

To see our full back to school range, take a look here.

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