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Keeping your little ones’ toes happy and healthy this summer

Wednesday, 3 July 2019  |  Admin

It’s often an overlooked duty in the grand scheme of childcare but maintaining healthy feet can be really easy when part of a daily routine. 

It’s important that your little ones are not only wearing the right size and style of shoe but are also using some of the following tips for healthy foot development.

We’ve listed what we think are the top 5 ways of keeping your children’s feet active and happy this summer! 

Keep them dry!

Easier said than done, right? Even going for a walk along the beach is asking for filled wellies and soggy socks. We suggest always packing a towel and some spare socks if you do decide to go exploring, just for when the inevitable does happen! Not keeping toes dry can lead to discomfort and sometimes infection if left damp for too long. 

Change socks regularly 

This one might seem like an obvious one, but it does play a big factor in whether your little one’s feet are happy or not. Swapping your child’s socks for fresh ones every day is important for hygiene and allows their feet to breathe. If they have P.E or some sort of sport practise at school, pack them with a spare pair. As much as anything, they’ll be much more comfortable for the rest of the day!

Keep them wiggling!

Keeping your children’s feet active is very important too! This doesn’t mean just walking and running, but also incorporating some fun exercises into the daily routine. Wiggling your toes, circling your ankles, and tensing your foot muscles are all good ways of keeping them exercised and strong. If you wanted to make a game of it, having a contest of who can pick up an object quickest with their toes helps to get the whole family involved!

Set them free!

We love shoes here, but we’ll be the first to admit the benefits of going barefoot every so often. Going shoeless, particularly when still learning to walk, helps a lot to strengthen feet muscles. It also benefits their sense of touch, experiencing different textures and terrains when taking their first steps. 

Get them Measured

This is so important that we’ve based our whole company around it! Feet come in all shapes and sizes, with certain styles of shoes better suiting certain feet. Having your children's feet professionally measured means that you can select the best type of footwear to aid their proper growth. 


So, there you have it! That’s our top 5 tips on how to maintain your little ones’ healthy feet. There are plenty more ways of helping along normal foot growth, so please do come into store and we’ll be happy to help some more! To see our wide range of children’s shoes, take a closer look at our Happy Feet website here:


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